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2 Units 4 Axles Lowloader Trailer Shipping To Customer

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2 Units 4 Axles Lowloader Trailer Shipping To Customer

The customer learned about our company through the introduction of a local customer and contacted the sales manager at that time.

After our simple communication, they said that there is only demand for 4 axles low loader semi trailers. In line with the principle of positive response at the first time, the sales manager Nicole conducted in-depth communication with the customer on the specific needs of the customer that day.

The next morning, I called again to confirm all the details, and immediately gave the plan and quotation in email and WhatsApp. The customer is very satisfied with our response speed and professional customized solutions, and is very satisfied with this purchase.

The 4 axle 100 ton low bed truck trailer for sale is versatile and generally used for medium to long distance freight. Its frame is a through-beam structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight-living gooseneck type.



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