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2 Units Flatdeck Trailer Will Be Shipping To Customer

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2 Units Flatdeck Trailer Will Be Shipping To Customer

The customers who bought the FUDENG flatbed trailer this time are our agents of Foden, and they buy dozens of fence semi-trailers, side wall semi-trailers and flatbed semi-trailers in FUDENG every year. The reason why the customer always chooses us is because he thinks that the product quality of FUDENGsemi-trailer is good, the team is professional enough, and the price is cheap enough.

For the agent, there are few problems with the semi-trailers sold to customers, which reduces after-sales and has won a lot of praise from customers. Therefore, he also trusts FUDENG semi-trailers and purchases dozens of them from FUDENG every year. Different Types of Semi Trailers

flatbed trailer01

This year, as in previous years, the customer immediately found the sales manager Chloe. After a simple communication and order configuration, he paid the fee immediately. We also arranged the production in the first time. The trailer has arrived at the port and is ready to be delivered to the customer. Below is the packaged tri-axle trailer. Our factory provides a large number of free accessories for customers. If you also need to sell three-axle trailers, please contact us now.



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