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3 Axles Flatbed Trailer Will Be Send To The Port

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3 Axles Flatbed Trailer Will Be Send To The Port

This is one of our customers in East Africa. The customer learned about Foden's semi-trailer through a friend's introduction, and is very interested in the flatbed trailer produced by Foden. Therefore, the customer contacted the sales manager Rebecca through a friend, and we provided him with the most professional advice as well as detailed configuration and price.

flatbed trailer01

In the process of communicating with the customer, our sales manager recommended this three-axle flatbed trailer to the customer after fully considering the use environment and specific needs of the customer's destination country according to the customer's transportation needs. The three-axis 12.5m flatbed trailer has now been produced and has passed strict factory tests, and will be packed and shipped soon. It will be shipped to the customer's destination port within one week.

flatbed trailer02



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