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Fudeng 2 Axles full Trailer For Sale

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Fudeng 2 Axles full Trailer For Sale

    2 axles skeletal full trailer is mainly used in ports, docks and other places, is the ideal tool for transporting containers, we can provide 40 feet of skeleton container trailer and 20 feet of skeleton trailer, loading capacity between 40 tons to 60 tons, in product quality, we use high-strength steel, which makes the product increase the service life. Accessories and configuration are made of domestic and foreign famous brands and Chinese famous brands, the vehicle weight is light, carrying capacity is strong.

   2 Axle 40ft Skeleton Trailer for Sale is mainly used in ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, matching multimodal logistics system.Specifically for a variety of container transport, customers can choose according to their own needs to change how many locks that may, all the accessories have been 20 years of experience in the use of supplier of choice, long-term repeated use, with sufficient strength.

  2 Axle 40ft Skeleton Trailer for Sale fast loading and unloading, and can be directly and easily from one vehicle to another vehicle facelift.

  As an upgraded model, it is commonly used and basic design to transport a 40ft container. Extendable Chassis and Multipurpose Container Trailer can be modified according to the customer's requirement.



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