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Fudeng 4 Axles Fence Cargo semi trailer

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Fudeng 4 Axles Fence Cargo semi trailer

The Fence Cargo semi trailer is widely used in daily life, and it can be used for wire recycling, light textile tools, coal, sand and other building materials or the operation of drawing things. Fudeng has just produced a batch of 4-axle semi-trailers for an old customer recently, and it is now ready to be sent to the port for transportation to the customer.

Regarding the Fudeng 4-axle Fence Cargo semi trailer, it has the following characteristics.

Fence Cargo semi trailer01

1. The design structure and craftsmanship of the fence and vehicle type of the Fence Cargo semi trailer are all combined with the user's type of transported goods for a more rational design. To a certain extent, the weight of the carriage can be reduced. The structure of the carriage is relatively simpler and more applicable.

2. The longitudinal beams used in the Fence Cargo semi trailer and the whole are welded by the through-type beam group. This structure can well balance the rigidity, toughness, strength and load capacity of the barn semi-trailer frame. Ability. And there will be no permanent deformation.

3. The Fence Cargo semi trailer has a stronger bearing capacity, high safety factor, reasonable design, durability, and leading technical sense.

4. The Fence Cargo semi trailer of the warehouse implements closed side protection work, which can reduce the lateral hazards and reduce energy consumption when the vehicle pulls over the side. The rear protection design has reasonable cart accessories, which makes it more convenient to work.

5. The suspension system adopted by the Fence Cargo semi trailer is a new type, which has good impact resistance and high strength. The axle load of each axle is relatively balanced, and the angle design of the system tie rod is also relatively reasonable, so the wear degree of the vehicle tire can be reduced to a certain extent earlier.

In general, the Fence Cargo semi trailer has the characteristics of simple operation, reasonable design, and high safety factor.



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