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How to strap down a load on a flatbed trailer

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How to strap down a load on a flatbed trailer

The flatbed semi trailer has no railing on the vehicle-mounted part and has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used for medium and long-distance freight transportation. Sometimes it can also be used in ports to transport goods such as containers.

When the flatbed semi-trailer is used to transport containers, do you know how the container goods are firmly tied to the flatbed semi-trailer?

First of all, you need to use a forklift to fork up the flatbed semi-trailer and put it on the loading surface of the flatbed semi-trailer. On the flatbed semi trailer, it will be equipped with different numbers of container locks according to the length of the cargo surface behind the flatbed. The general quantity will be between 8-12 units.

flatbed semi trailer (2)

When the container is hoisted onto the load-bearing surface of the vehicle, make the corner fitting hole at the bottom of the container just fall on the position where the lock is installed, and by rotating the handle of the turn lock, the lock head will be fixed at a specified corner position (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees) ), so that the twist lock is locked. For the lift-type turn lock, push the handle longitudinally to lift the lock head, extend into the inner cavity of the bottom corner of the container, and then rotate to a specified angle to lock the corner of the container. Some turn locks are equipped with a tightening device. By tightening, the lock head can be pressed down against the bottom surface of the inner cavity of the corner fitting to prevent the box corner from lifting, which ensures a safer and more reliable locking.

flatbed semi trailer (3)

Finally, tie the container with ropes. At this time, there will be a corresponding number of rope tighteners under the cargo surface of the flatbed semi trailer. The usage of the rope tighteners is to insert a wire of appropriate thickness and length into the tiger head. In the round hole in the middle of the wire tensioner take-up wheel, wind the iron wire around the tiger head wire tensioner take-up wheel twice, tie the other end of the iron wire to the fixed point along the line take-up direction, then straighten the iron wire, and the tiger head The clamping mouth of the head tensioner is gold-fixed on the wire, and the wire can be tightened by moving the handle. After arriving at the destination, according to the relevant operations, untie the rope, lower the container lock, and unload the container cargo from the flatbed semi-trailer from the forklift.



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