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Precautions For Using Semi Trailers In Summer

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Precautions For Using Semi Trailers In Summer

The high temperature environment in summer puts forward special requirements for the use of semi-trailers. Correct maintenance and use methods can not only ensure the performance of the vehicle, but also improve driving safety. The following are some precautions for using semi-trailers in summer:

1. Tire maintenance

Check tire pressure regularly, check tire pressure when cold, and ensure that it is kept within the standard range recommended by the manufacturer.Check tire wear, replace severely worn tires in time, and ensure that the tire tread depth meets the regulations.Avoid long-term exposure to the sun, and try to choose a cool place when parking to reduce the impact of direct sunlight on the tires.

2. Brake system inspection

Check the brake fluid, check the level and quality of the brake fluid regularly, and replace it if necessary.Check the brake pads to ensure that the brake pads are worn within a reasonable range. If severe wear is found, they should be replaced in time.Prevent brake overheating. When driving downhill for a long time, avoid continuous use of the brakes. If necessary, engine braking can be used to assist deceleration.


3. Engine and cooling system

Check the coolant level, check the coolant level regularly, ensure that it is within the normal range, and replenish it if necessary.Clean the radiator and ensure that there is no foreign matter blocking the radiator surface to ensure the heat dissipation effect.Pay attention to the water temperature. During driving, pay close attention to the water temperature gauge. Stop and check immediately if the temperature is abnormal.

4. Fuel system

Check the fuel line to ensure that the fuel line is not aging or leaking.Keep the fuel tank ventilated to avoid excessive pressure inside the tank and prevent the accumulation of fuel vapor.


5. Electrical system

Check the battery and regularly check the electrolyte level of the battery to ensure that it is sufficient. Add distilled water if necessary.Check the electrical circuit to ensure that the electrical circuit is not aging or damaged to avoid short circuit or fire caused by high temperature.

6. Daily maintenance

Wash the vehicle regularly. Washing the vehicle can not only keep the vehicle clean, but also find some potential problems, such as oil leakage, loose bolts, etc.Apply sunscreen protectant. The body paint and interior can be applied with sunscreen protectant to prevent aging caused by high temperature exposure.

7. Driving safety

Avoid fatigue driving. High temperature can easily cause driving fatigue. The driver should ensure adequate rest and avoid long-term continuous driving.Prepare enough water. When driving long distances, you should prepare enough drinking water in the car to prevent heat stroke due to high temperatures.Pay attention to weather changes. The weather in summer is changeable. You should understand the weather conditions before departure and avoid extreme weather.



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