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Six Lowbeds Trailer Transported To Customers

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Six Lowbeds Trailer Transported To Customers

The Philippine customer learned about Fudeng low-bed semi-trailer through the introduction of friends. The client runs a local transportation company, which mainly transports heavy equipment such as excavators and tractors. This time, he plans to buy six low-bed trailers.

lowbed trailer02

After consulting a number of semi-trailer manufacturers in China, the customer finally chose us for cooperation. According to the needs of customers, our account managers recommend different models and tonnages of low-load trailers to customers, and we also provide customers with appropriate discounts for the first order. The customer finally purchased six 3-axle low-bed semi-trailers. Now, this 3-axle low-load trailer specially designed for transporting excavators has been delivered to customers. We have also received feedback from our customers, he is very satisfied with the low bed semi trailer we produced.



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