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Stainless Steel Oil Tanker Trailer Shipping To Ghana

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Stainless Steel Oil Tanker Trailer Shipping To Ghana

A customer from Ghana approached the sales manager and asked for a quotation of stainless steel tank truck. The Congolese customer saw the FUDENG stainless steel oil tanker trailer locally and was very interested in this semi-oil tanker trailer. So the customer placed an order for the stainless steel tank truck after talking with the sales manager Congo for 2 weeks.

As a professional semi-trailer supplier, in an era of increasing efficiency, the delivery method we adopt is also an important reason to ensure a better customer experience. We recommend customers to choose bulk shipping.

The stainless steel tank truck trailer is the first to adopt the European-style full load-bearing structure in the research and development of the tank to avoid the risk of cracking and leakage of the tank due to local stress concentration.



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