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What Are The Differences Between Full Trailers And Semi Trailers?

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What Are The Differences Between Full Trailers And Semi Trailers?

Full trailers and semi trailers are just connected differently to the front tractor. Full trailers and semi trailers are the same and do not have their own power units. The front end of the trailer is connected to the rear end of the tractor truck. The tractor only provides pulling force and does not bear weight. The semi trailer is that the front half of the trailer rides on the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the bridge behind the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer. The most common semi trailers are trailers and large container transport vehicles.

full trailer

Different Uses of Full Trailers And Semi Trailers

A full trailer refers to a full trailer compartment attached to the rear of an ordinary truck, and the two are connected with a hook. The full trailer can increase the loading capacity of the truck, reduce fuel consumption, and thus reduce transportation costs. Tank-type full trailer-a full trailer with a closed tank structure for the loading part. Flatbed full trailer- a full trailer with a flat structure and no railings on the floor of the cargo area. Container full trailer - the loading part is a frame structure and has no floor, and it is a full trailer specially used for transporting containers. Self-unloading full trailer - a full trailer with an automatic dumping device in the cargo area.

A semi-trailer is composed of a tractor connected to a semi trailer compartment, and they are supported on the tractor truck through the traction seat of the semi trailer. The most common semi-trailers are trailers and large container transport trailer. Tank semi trailers, flatbed semi trailers, container semi trailers, and self unloading semi trailers have the same cargo parts as full trailers.

semi trailer

Full Trailer Introduction

There are many types of trailers, and their basic frame, body, and walking system are basically the same as those of trucks. The railing type carriages are generally made of thin steel plates. The longitudinal concave ribs are punched out on the carriage railings, and the ribs are welded horizontally to increase the rigidity of the carriage and reduce the quality of the carriage. The bottom plate of the carriage is generally made of wood and covered with thin steel plates. , or use iron-wood mixed structure bottom plate; the frame is usually made of 16mn steel plate, pressed and formed by welding or wicker. The longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame mostly adopt groove-shaped interface structure, and the two longitudinal beams are arranged with equal width in front and rear, so that the frame has better bending resistance. the

A trailer is generally composed of a frame, a body, a traction device, a steering device, a suspension, a walking system, a braking system, and a signal system.

fudeng full trailer

Introduction of Semi Trailer

Semi trailer: A trailer with the axles positioned behind the truck's center of gravity (when the truck is evenly loaded) and fitted with a hitch that transmits horizontal or vertical forces to the towing vehicle. the

A semi trailer refers to a vehicle that has no power itself and is jointly loaded with the main vehicle and driven by the main trailer.

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