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What Is A Dump Semi Trailer

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What Is A Dump Semi Trailer

The tipper semi trailer is a semi trailer with an automatic dumping device in the loading part, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered goods such as coal, ore, and building materials. According to the unloading method, the dump semi trailer can be divided into two types: the side tipper semi trailer and the rear tipper semi trailer. The hydraulic cylinder of the rear tipper semi trailer is too long to lift, and the center of gravity is too high after lifting, which makes the road uneven. There was a safety accident in which the vehicle rolled over. Therefore, among the two dump semi trailers, the rollover dump semi trailer is the most popular among users and is the current mainstream product.

tipper semi trailer (2)

The difference between dump semi trailer and ordinary tipper truck

1. The weight of the goods carried is different

The car itself is small in size, and the weight of the loaded goods is also small when carrying goods. Because of the car body, the operation is very convenient, and the road is narrow and rough, and the car is very convenient to carry goods. However, if it is a large coal mine or a large-scale project, the manpower and cost of truck freight are much higher than that of dump semi trailers. Dump semi trailers are more suitable for use in these aspects, and the carrying capacity of each load is several times that of truck freight. , can shorten the engineering time and improve efficiency.

2. Different self-unloading methods

Carrying coal mines needs to be transported to a certain place, and then loaded and unloaded. Coal mines loaded and unloaded by trucks can only be turned over backwards. It is very inconvenient to simply use the back and unload it to a fixed place, which requires adjustment by the car. Unload the goods according to the regulations, because of the limitation of the site, it is also very inconvenient to unload the goods. However, the unloading methods of the self-unloading semi-trailer have two forms: back turning and side turning. There will be no inconvenience due to the venue, and it is more convenient to unload goods.

tipper semi trailer (3)

3. The quality of the carriages is different

The dump semi trailer is welded with high-quality manganese plates, which has a long service life and good toughness. The material of the compartment of the car cargo vehicle is not good enough, the compartment will be severely corroded and damaged, and it needs frequent maintenance. This is not enough to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle itself.



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