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45K Litres Aluminium Fuel Tanker

Place of Origin:     China
Brand Name:         FUDENG
Min. Order Qty:     1 Unit
Model Number:     Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer
Shipment Term:     Bulk Cargo Ship, RORO Ship, Container Ship
Delivery Period:     20-25 workdays

Basic Info


Oil Tanker Trailer For Sale


40k 42k 45k 50k 54k 60k liters

Tanker Body

Aluminium Alloy


3 / 4 / 5 / 6 or customised


Tri axles / 2 axles / 4 axle


Leaf Spring / Airbag


Transport petrol, diesel, fuel oil 


2.0 or 3.5 inch

Landing Gear


Color & Logo


Product Description

FUDENG aluminum alloy oil tanker adopts safe, lightweight and intelligent design, and is mainly used for the transportation of refined oil, petrol, diesel, gasoline petroleum products. Its design has the following advantages:

1. Fudeng fuel oil tanker with low center of gravity design adopts a square and circular section, the center of gravity of the same cross-sectional area is reduced by 100mm, and the roll angle is increased to 30 degrees > 23 degrees (standard value), effectively preventing rollover.

2. The fudeng fuel tank semi trailers adopt the anti-rollover safety and stability system by bottom safety valve , and the driving condition of the vehicle can be monitored in real time. When the system detects that the vehicle is about to lose control, it will apply braking force to specific wheels and reduce the speed at the same time to help the vehicle drive safely on the correct track, to prevent the vehicle from losing control or rolling over.

3. The rear overhang is designed to prevent oil leakage of fudeng petrol tankers, and the rear overhang is designed to be extended by 500mm. At the same time, the tank body is made of high-extension aluminum alloy plate (only 1 times higher than the elongation of ordinary plate), which solves the problem of tank cracking when the ordinary tank car is rear-end collision.

The use of FUDENG aluminum alloy tank trucks can not only recover the investment cost in a short time, but also create more economic income and comprehensive benefits than carbon steel tank trucks. It is indeed the best choice for refined oil transportation equipment.


Africa popular 3 axle 45000liters fuel tanker trailers for sale

Dimension: 11800mm*2500mm*3650mm (the final size depends on the confirmed design)

Volume: 42 000 litres / 45 000 liters

Medium: transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline, Petroluem, Crude Oil, Palm Oil

Tanker body:

Material: Aluminium alloy

Tank body and breakwater plate: 6mm

Compartments: 5 or 6 compartments (based on customer request)

Manhole cover: Carton steel or Aluminum alloy manhole cover 500mm (diameter)

Discharge valve: API bottom off loading, also can bottom loading

Bottom valve: Aluminum API Pneumatic Safety Valve emergency valves

Tanker body test: Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment


Axles: 3 units, L1/BPW/FUWA/other

Landing Gear: JOST/FUWA/SAF Holland brand

King Pin: 50# or 90# (bolted or welded type)

Suspension: Mechanical suspension and airbag suspension, or bogie suspension option

Brake System: WABCO

Tire: 12R22.5 double tyre / 385.65R22.5 super single tyre / 315.80R22.5 double tyres brand can be optional


Fire extinguishers, two spare tyre carries, tool box, valve box, anti-dust API valves cover, discharging tubes so on


1. Professional details study and design with years experience

2. Adopt famous brand parts ensure our trailer good quality

3. Competitive pricing at strong quality

4. Fast production arrangement and delivery


aluminium fuel tanker

45 000 litres aluminium fuel tanker trailer for Africa market

aluminium fuel tank trailer

45k ltrs 6 compartments L1 airbag aluminium fuel tanker trailer

oil tanker trailers petrol tank

BPW airbag suspension aluminium oil tanker trailer light tare weight design

fuel oil tanker trailer

Hot sale petroleum haulage tanker semi trailer for sale 

oil tanker trailer for sale

Leaf spring suspension aluminum fuel tanker trailer for Africa client

fuel tank truck trailer

diesel tank trailer for sale

FUDENG aluminium fuel tankers compartment with bottom safety valve, API discharging valves

axles fuel tanker

Airbag suspension for liquid tanker trailer

leaf spring suspension (2)

Mechanical leaf spring suspension fuel tanker trailer with spare tyre

fuel oil tank semi trailer drawing

45kl fuel tanker semi trailer with 6 compartments booster suspension

fuel tank trailer drawing

Leaf spring suspension tanker truck trailer drawing




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